D E R E K  D H X   -   T E L L   M E   W H A T   I T   I S
D E R E K    D H X   E X P O S E S   H I S   M U S I C   T O   A   N E W   A U D I E N C E 
Bring awareness of Local LA Artist, DerekDHX's upcoming music video.
Derek came to Vision Paradox looking for support in managing his social media and brand awareness for his music and upcoming videos.

They asked Vision Paradox to both create an a campaign that would expose DerekDHX's music to a new audience and for us to manage his social media management.
We created a campaign between the dancers and Facebook targeted ads to bring exposure to his video

The Result:
After 2 weeks of teaser content, Vision Paradox was able to bring over 106,000 views, 2,800+ likes, 17 comments, 139 shares, and help get DerekDHX Top 10 in Reverb Nation
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